Reindeer Disclaimer

By signing this document, you are agreeing to take part in Activities organised by Crieff Hydro Ltd.

  • Ensure all cuts and grazes are covered with plasters.
  • Make sure the reindeer pen has all the appropriate sanitary precautions before entering, including washbasins and anti-bacterial soap.
  • Leave all strollers, dummies, toys, and cups outside the exhibit.
  • Keep an eye on your children, making sure they don’t put their hands on their faces or in their mouths during the trip.
  • Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum around the reindeers.
  • Don’t kiss the reindeers.
  • Don’t let children sit on the ground around the reindeers.
  • Do not let children touch the reindeer around the mouth.
  • Only children over 12 should be able to feed the reindeer if supervised
  • Do not let children feed reindeers with anything other than products provided.
  • Wash yours, and your children’s hands thoroughly after petting the reindeer, or just being around them. Don’t rely on hand wipes or hand gels.
  • When home, remove and clean all shoes, clothes, and pushchair wheels that may have been dirtied with contaminated soil. Wash your hands again after this!
  • In the event of any injury or near miss alert staff immediately.
  • Covid-19 social distancing and safety measures must be observed at all times in line with Crieff Hydro’s safety policies.

I understand all safety measures as highlighted.

Reindeer Disclaimer
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I Agree to All Terms and Conditions and am aware of all key safety measures when around Reindeers *