The Bunker

Safety Guidelines & Disclaimer

In order to enjoy the bunker safely please always ensure that:

  • There is only one player in the simulator at any one time.
  • Shots are always hit from the hitting surfaces and never further back from the hitting screen than the line of the tee, and shots are not hit so close to the front of the mat (nearest to the hitting screen) that the club could hit the turf in front of the mat.
  • Shots are always hit into the simulator, as close as possible to the centre of the simulator screen, and if there is any chance of the ball not entering the simulator structure itself play should be ceased. Where situations in the software require a shot to be hit away from the centre of the screen – or where you choose to do so – ensure that the software is adjusted so that the target is central to the screen.
  • Shots are not hit so high that they would miss the screen. A shot that is hit higher than the screen could bounce back and damage the room or harm the player
  • The tee is not so high as to produce a risk of ‘skying’ the ball. Always tee the ball as low as is practicable.
  • Players always maintain a safe swing distance from other people in the room.
  • Players and other people in the room are not heavily intoxicated or otherwise impaired, and are fit enough and healthy enough to participate in the game.
  • All people in the room pay close attention to the golf play to ensure safety.
  • If players are in any doubt about safety of play, they should cease playing until it is safe to do so.
  • You should be aware that playing golf with real clubs and balls within a confined space is a controlled risk activity and players do so at their own risk.
  • The Pool Table is free to use, however, we kindly ask you not to put any drinks or other items on top of the table.
  • Should any damages occur during your time in the Bunker please report to our Entertainment Team promptly, please also note you may be charged,